Traffic Secrets Review 2020 – Russell Brunson’s New Book Revealed!

Traffic Secrets Book Review 2020
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The Online Internet Marketing world is a buzz….Russell Brunson is about to release his new book Traffic Secrets.

Writing a review about a book that has not been released is a little tricky – but what is important to understand is the background of Traffic Secrets.

Traffic Secrets Book Review

In this post I will cover the background on the original Traffic Secrets course, and how it has evolved into the new Russell Brunson book about to be launched.  

Most importantly, why should you care?  After all, isn’t this just another marketing book by a so called internet guru to make money?

If know anything about Russell Brunson, and if you don’t I hope this post changes that, you will know that Russell never does anything unless it adds a huge amount of value to the reader.  His whole marketing and sales philosophy is how can he stack the value in favour of the buyer – which is a really refreshing view.

But more importantly he is now talking about the topic which should be at the heart of all business.  How do you get traffic, potential customers, to your business?

Let’s find out.

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What Is “Traffic” and Why Is It So Important?

There are many reasons why a business may not survive – but by far one of the biggest is a lack of traffic! Without any paying customers, or traffic, you simply don’t have a business.

And yet it is one of the areas that is both over-looked, and difficult to define.  I think it is because it is a difficult topic, so many business owners simply ignore it.  They take the “build it and they will come” approach – which clearly doesn’t work.

It does seem crazy that with all the “traffic” on the internet why isn’t every online business crushing it!  Everyday there is close to $7 billion exchanged with people buying products and services online – in every niche imaginable.  Yet for most online businesses they feel like they are in the middle of the desert – not swimming in the endless ocean of paying customer traffic.

Why is that the case?

Why do some online entrepreneurs and business make it look so simple and appear to have an endless supply of traffic?  But most remain stuck and struggling?

That is the Secret of Traffic in a sales funnel.  That is why it is so important and fundamental to a business success, and why everyone in business should be investing in education around this topic.

Right now there are a huge number of possible traffic sources for your business on the Internet; Facebook, Instagram, SEO, YouTube etc etc.  So tapping into one of these should be easy right?  But that is not the case otherwise everyone would have cracked it.

Also, let’s say that you have found a traffic source and your business is doing great.  What would happen if that source was shut down – or more likely Zuckerberg decides he’s had enough of other’s making too much money and increases the cost of advertising by x10. What would you do then?

That is why you need to understand traffic at a detailed level.  See once you understand it, how it works and where you can get it (from multiple sources), you remove the shackles.   You are now in control of your business and free to take it anywhere you want.

So Who Is Russell Brunson

Russell is the cofounder of ClickFunnels and is known for popularising the term “sales funnel”, at least in the online world.  The concept of sales funnels has been around since there were sales people (forever!), but that is the power of marketing a message – it becomes your own.  And Russel has managed to do that.  

Russel Brunson
Russel Brunson

Russell has written several books which are incredible value each by themselves.  If you haven’t read them, then I strongly suggest you add it to your todo list!

Russell built the ClickFunnels platform on the concept of making sales funnels simple.  And this appears to be his approach to everything.  How can you take a complex task or idea and make it simple.  How do you break it down to simple components that can be executed on and then repeated to scale.

It is often said that there is nothing new – and that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  This is the case with many of Russell’s products.

You see much of what Russell sells are actually ideas and concepts that someone else created.  Does this mean that he “stole” the ideas – no I don’t think so, as he ALWAYS gives credit to where the idea came from.

Russell has remained a student – which is absolutely the best way to be.  In any discipline he has set his mind to, he has made sure he studies it in detail, surrounds himself with amazing mentors, and becomes a master of it. In doing so he will pick up key ideas.

Russell is also an amazing story teller.  He has an incredible ability to take ideas that may be tricky to grasp, and retell them in a simple, easy to understand manner.  This is a real gift of Russell’s.  

In Russell’s other books Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, he refers to the Soap Opera Sequence.  This is a way to craft your email sequence to take the reader on a journey – moving them from where they are stuck to where you have a solution for them.

The SOS sequence really came from Andre Chaperon, who Russell does actually mention and give the credit.  But his way of retelling what the SOS sequence is, and how you can use it, now has his name largely associated with it.

But it is more than that.  Russell is deep in the trenches as an internet marketer.  He has done it tough and suffered many many set-backs and failures.  So when he takes an idea and retells it – he does it from a place of knowing how it works in the real world.  The advice and experience he wraps around the concept is priceless.

So what does this mean?

I think it means that almost anything Russell has a hand in producing is of the highest value.  He takes the best of the best and replays it to us in a way that we can understand and implement into our business.

Where Did Traffic Secrets Come From?

Traffic Secrets has a slightly different background than most of Russell’s other products.  

The original Traffic Secrets was a product developed by John Reese, the legendary online marketer who once made $1 million dollars in 18 hours.  John was building an online business back when most of us hardly knew what the Internet even was!

John Reese Traffic Secrets Course
John Reese

The product that John was selling to break that “4-minute mile” milestone was……Traffic Secrets!

John quickly became famous, at least in the reasonably small tight internet marketing circle – as it was back then. And he became someone Russell looked up to, and followed closely.

The real fascinating part of the story is that many years later Russell still saw the huge value in the traffic secrets course – and he managed to convince John to sell it to him….for another cool $1 million dollars!

As Russel always does, he took something already selling, and turned it on it’s head.  So instead of continuing to sell it as a stand alone product, it became an upsell to his other products.  He found a way to use it to create even more value in his sales funnels…in typical Russell fashion.

Now Russell is coming out with his Traffic Secrets book, which will be his own take on the original Traffic Secrets course – but with his own “Russell” spin and experience thrown in.

In Russell’s own words:

“This book shows the simple process that we have used to get millions of people to come to out sites every month.”

There are a few copies already in the wild (some early release copies for top ClickFunnel’s affiliates), and the initial feedback has been amazing.

Russel Brunson’s Other Books

Traffic Secrets will complete the trilogy of Russell’s books;

Book #1: DotCom Secrets
Book #2: Expert Secrets
Book #3: Traffic Secrets

DotCom Secrets was the first and broke down the Science behind a sales funnel. Expert Secrets then broke down the Art of a sale funnel and in particular how to tell your story.  Traffic Secrets now delivers the final piece, which is how to add the Fuel, or traffic, to your sales funnel.

Russel has number of other ebooks which are usually available as part of a sales funnel in the ClickFunnels stack.

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets was first launched back in 2015.  

The book was released at a time when many so called guru’s were trying to keep everything about online success a secret.  But in typical Russell Brunson style, he published all the secrets available for anyone who took the time to read and understand the book.

DotCom Secrets Book

It contains a step-by-step actionable blueprint for any who is new to online marketing.  

Some of the concepts covered include;

  • The Value Ladder; how to build increasing value in your sales process to improve your product sell price.
  • How to find your dream customers; how to turn potential customers into dream, long term and repeat customers.
  • Your Attractive Character; How do you attract your ideal customers so they want to hear what you are promoting.
  • The famous Soap Opera Sequence;  How to hook your potential customers and have them eagerly waiting for your next email!
  • The Science of a Sales Funnel;  An understanding of the sales funnel, what it is, and how to create and best use one.

This book has been called “life-changing” by so many people, including the likes of Steve Larson, who has gone on to create his on multi-million dollar online business.

Expert Secrets

To me, Expert Secrets is a must read book for any entrepreneur – especially if you plan to build an online business.  It shares the secrets around creating a local following of fans who will become repeat buyers of your products.

Expert Secrets Book

Some of the core ideas covered include;

  • Creating your mass movement;  Building on the concept f an attractive character, how do you begin to get your message out in the right way to attract people.
  • Creating belief;  How to create a belief in people that they can achieve the outcome you are selling.  Most people are simply stuck, and that is why they haven’t bought yet – so this processes gets them moving.
  • Hero’s Journey;  The art of telling a story, that both attracts, then engages the audience taking them on a journey.  The destination of course is the point where they realise they absolutely need the product you are promoting.
  • Selling with Authenticity;  This is making sure that the value your customer is receiving is much higher than the amount they pay for it.  

In many ways this book is a script for how Russell has learnt to market and sell over many years online.  It is the same process and tools he uses everyday in his business to make it the huge success that it is.

Traffic Secret Course Review

While we are all waiting for the new Traffic Secrets book to be released, I though I’d give a quick run down on the existing Traffic Secret’s course.  As I’ve mentioned the key themes and topics will be taken from this original course – so it’s a good place to start.

The original John Reese Traffic Secrets course is incredibly detailed – with 24 quite comprehensive modules!  So let’s take a quick look what is covered in each one.

Traffic Secrets Course

You need to remember this is John’s course, so it’s John that is actually the one presenting the topics.

Module 1 – The Foundation:  This is the foundation of the course and introduces to basic concepts that will be built on.  These include domain names, branding and target markets.  If your are a newbie to online marketing this first module is so important to begin that gentle introduction to things like Facebook pixels and Google Analytics!

Module 2 – Market Discovery:  This module teaches all you need to know about discovering your target market, including where they hang out, the keywords to find them and the ad copy that they will respond to.  You also learn about the best traffic sources so you don’t waste time on dead-ends.

Module 3 – Copywriting Secrets:  Copywriting is one of those skills that is easily overlooked.  It’s one thing to get traffic to your business, but if your copy is bad, they will bounce back out again – quicker than a seagull chasing a chip!  This is more of an introduction to copywriting.  You are best to check out Jim Edwards book, Copywriting Secrets for a deeper look into copywriting. 

Module 4 – Keyword Science:  Now this is a very important topic, and one close to my heart as I love using SEO as a key traffic source in my business.  Do this part right and you have endless free traffic for years.  You will learn the basics of keyword research, keyword targeting and recognizing keyword intent.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Tactics:  An email list is your most valuable asset and traffic source, and you’ll need to learn how to grow it and also take care of it as it grows.  This module teaches proven email marketing tactics and strategies that work.  You’ll learn how to automate email campaigns and generate traffic from your email list to your site.

Module 6 – Borrowing Traffic:  So how do you get other websites and influencers to share their traffic – and you don’t pay for it until there is a sale!  It’s called affiliate marketing – where you create your own affiliate program around your products.  If done right the process is straightforward. Start an affiliate program, recruit affiliates to promote for your business and wait for sales to roll in.

Module 7- Shopping Engines & Amazon:  This module contains incredible tactics that you can use to generate traffic via e-commerce.  You will learn how you can use Amazon’s product advertising API to boost the credibility of your own e-commerce site.

Module 8 – Traffic Formulas:  This is a very important module as it teaches you the basic theory behind all the other traffic strategies covered in the Traffic Secrets course.  It covers the three core ways to grow a business including, lower your cost per visitor, increase traffic volume and raise your average spend per customer.

Module 9 – Buying Media & Sponsorships:  Here you’ll learn exactly how to buy media Ads and sponsorships. John also shows you how to get your Ads running across major news sites like CNN, Fox News, and ESPN.  And, you’ll learn proven techniques for running all sorts of ads like banner ads, sponsorships, text ads etc.

Module 10 – Google Adwords: This is the longest module in the course, given the depth covered.  It contains over two dozen individual lessons on how to leverage the Google Ads platform to drive traffic to your site.  It covers everything from high scoring landing pages, optimise ad copy and the use of strategic keywords.

Module 11 – Podcasts & Broadcasts:   This is a traffic source that I think is now overlooked.  Podcasts can and still do drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site.  This module shows you what you need to get started, including how you can outsource the whole thing!

Module 12 – Mobile App Marketing:  Mobile apps are used by billions of people daily.  Imagine if you had an app people were using, that could drive traffic to your business!   You’ll learn how to get your mobile app made, use it to get more email subscribers and how to rank on top of the App Store.

Module 13 – Software & Widgets:  This is like the previous module, but focused specifically on software and widgets across platforms.  The key idea is to use it as a lead magnet to increase your email list and generate leads.

Module 14 – Facebook Ads: This is another long module, as there is so much to know about Facebook ads. Advertising on the Facebook platform is tricky, and while this module does cover all the basics, if it is something you are keen to master, you will probably need to continue your education with other dedicated trainings.

Module 15 – Traffic Retargeting: How do you ‘jump’ back in front of a potential customer, who visited your site without buying?  That is what you are taught here – how you retarget people who have come to your site, but not yet made a purchase.  If you are using paid advertising to get them there in the first place, this is a must!

Module 16 – International Opportunities: This module teaches you how to take your offer into international markets, including different languages.  Often there are untapped markets simply due to the fact t that they don’t speak English.  Translate your offer into their language and you have a massive traffic source.

Module 17 – Social Media Strategy:  This is the backbone of most online marketing.  It has become the major source of traffic and leads for most online business owners.  Here John walks you through the major social media platforms, their peculiarities, and how you can drive quality traffic and leads from each.

Module 18 – Traffic Recycling: This is an interesting module as it teaches how you can turn your site visitors into lead magnets themselves to deliver other warm traffic.  Specifically you learn strategies like leveraging Facebook likes and shares, and integrating different social media accounts for cross promotion.

Module 19 – Google SEO:  This is the module that drills into Search Engine Optimisation in more detail – which is by far my favourite strategy!  John covers the key concepts such as on and off-page SEO.  While some of the tools discussed are a little outdated, the strategies have really stayed the same (which is why I like it – do it right and it will last years).

Module 20 – Building a Content Factory:  Following up from module 19, John covers how you can create quality content that will rank in the search engines and provide value to your audience.  You are also shown how to outsource the writing element if this isn’t your thing.

Module 21 – Content Curation Methods:  How do you legally leverage other people’s content?  Well this module shows you how, including ideas like, round-up posts and using YouTube videos to drive traffic.

Module 22 – YouTube Marketing:  Given YouTube is the second biggest search engine (behind Google), it stands to reason it should be such a high traffic source for any business.  That and the fact that it is actually owned by Google means it is a platform that all business should be leveraging somehow for traffic.  So how do you optimise your channel, keywords and content for Youtube?  Find out in this module.

Module 23 – Expansion & Scalability:  Once you have mastered one source of traffic, it is very important to spread your risk across other traffic sources.  

Module 24 – The Master Plan:  Here we bring it all together.  With all that knowledge it would be super easy to become overwhelmed and distracted.  So a well laid-out a master plan to help you stay focused and organised is really important.

Phew that is a lot!  It really is amazing value when you break it down across all the module. Anyone of these modules would blow away the training programs popping up by “gurus” who have only been around for a few months!

How Much Does Traffic Secrets Cost?

Right now we are still waiting to find out the final pricing for the Traffic Secrets book.  While it looks like it will be available from book resellers (like Amazon), it will be at a premium given the content.

But as usual it looks like Russel and the team will be releasing the book online free, plus the cost of shipping. There are also rumours that there will be a box set of all three “secrets” books – which is some special!

The original Traffic Secrets course itself is valued by Russell at $3,278, if you were to pay for the individual modules.  Currently there is no way to buy the course, or the modules directly by itself.  

Traffic Secrets Price

The Traffic Secrets Course is only available as part of a package deal or an upsell from one of the other ClickFunnel’s products.

Probably the easiest and most cost effective way to access the Traffic Secrets course is as an upsell to the One Funnel Away challenge.  If you haven’t taken the challenge yet, then what are you thinking???!!!  It is one of the best training programs for anyone trying to wrap their head around online marketing in general.   Check out a review of the One Funnel Away Challenge here.

The Traffic Secrets course is usually available for $297 as an upsell to the OFA challenge.  This really is amazing value for what you get, and is a great compliment to the actual OFA Challenge training.

Pros and Cons of the Traffic Secrets Course

Of course there are pros, and cons, with the course that people have found.

What People Like About The Course?

Explore the entire world of traffic generation options with one course.
Learn the length and breadth of traffic generation from a legendary online marketer.
Get detailed, actionable online marketing advice from the course.
Well structured and follows a progressive learning pattern as you go.
The price you can access the course for offer huge value.

What People Don’t Like So Much?

Some info and tools discussed in the course are a bit out-dated and need to be refreshed.  But it is expected that will be fixed in Russell’s new book.
The module on copywriting is a little light – given how important this topic is.
You can’t buy the Traffic Secrets course only.  It is only available as an add-on or upsell from other ClickFunnel’s products.


Phew, sorry this post turned out so long!

There is just so much to go through, from the original of the Traffic Secret course from John Reese, to the new book from Russell Brunson.

Traffic Secrets Book

Overall, the Traffic Secrets course might be the most comprehensive course on traffic generation and acquisition ever produced.  This is why Russell saw value in buying it for $1 million dollars years after it was first launched.

While it’s not perfect it is one of the fastest ways to learn about the many different traffic sources available on the internet.  It is of massive value for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to build and increase their online traffic.

Based on Russell’s previous books, and his value driven approach, I can only assume that the new Traffic Secrets book will be amazing.

Let me know if you have read any of Russell’s books! What was your biggest take-away?


Steve Floyd