SEO Affiliate Domination Review 2020 – The Best SEO Training?

SEO Affiliate Domination
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One of the biggest struggles with Affiliate Marketing is finding a solid traffic source that allows you to be profitable.  That is where the SEO Affiliate Domination training program by Greg Jeffries comes in.  

Many affiliate training programs promote the use of paid traffic, particularly Facebook ads.  For a beginner this is a VERY risky strategy.

That is why I really love free and organic traffic methods – at least to start with.  They allow you to build your affiliate business, learn the various things you need to know, like copy-writing and online marketing, without the stress of a market budget.

Believe me there is nothing more stressful than watching your hard earned dollars disappear into Google, Youtube or Facebook ads, and wonder if you’ll ever see a profit.  And given you are just starting out, a profit could be along time away.

That’s where SEO and in-particular the SEO Affiliate Domination training course comes in.  

But it is very different from other SEO courses, and teaches some techniques that are not commonly used or discussed.  So will I absolutely loved it it might not be for you.  So let’s find out what the details are, and if this SEO education is for you.

What Is SEO Affiliate Domination in a Nutshell

SEO Affiliate Domination is the course created by Greg Jeffries.  It focuses on teaching SEO techniques to create traffic for affiliate marketing.

SEO Affiliate Domination is a well crafted course that is really easy to follow.  It will teach you what you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation, and how to get your websites and content ranking higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, YouTube etc).

SEO Affiliate Domination Training

In particular Greg focuses on Long Tailed Keywords (more on that later) – which is a strategy that is becoming more common to promote.  The interesting thing is that most people are too lazy to actually do it, so it remains a largely untapped resource.

Greg focuses on teaching two basic approaches to SEO;

  • Building and Authority Site
  • Creating Mass Page sites

The first one is quite ’standard’ in SEO training.  Develop a website focusing on a particular niche, and create good quality content about your topic.  This will allow Google to see you as an authority in this niche, and send search traffic you way.  It’s a little more complex than that, but you get what I mean.

The second approach the mass page sites, is one that is not taught very often, as it is considered ‘grey-hat.  I’ll cover that of in more detail below.

Greg make it clear from the start that his goal is to have you making $100-200 per day through his methods.  Of course it is possible to make much more than that!

How Did I Come Across The Course?

To be honest I can’t remember how I originally came across Greg.  I originally signed up for his free SEO course, which I found quite useful as I knew nothing about SEO at all at the time.

I do remember getting to the last free module and being really annoyed that I now needed to buy the course to learn more.  It wasn’t that I felt ripped-off by Greg – in fact it was the opposite.  I had enjoyed his style and training so much that I didn’t want it to finish.

At the time I was heavily involved in paid advertising on YouTube, following another education system I had invested in.  I was spending significant money on advertising that simply wasn’t providing any return – I was making less back in sales than I was spending on advertising.  

So the thought of being able to tap into and ‘create’ your own free traffic by simply writing a blog post was recalling intriguing.  Please note that it is no where as simple as that, but the concept is right!

It wasn’t until months later, after I decided to stop wasting money on paid adverting that I remembered Greg’s course.

I had realised that I really enjoyed writing.  Smashing out a 3,000 word blog post was not something that concerned me – in fact the thought of enjoying a great coffee down at the local cafe, blasting out blog posts was really exciting.

So I decided to start investing in my education around all things SEO and related free organic traffic.  And that was when I decided to invest into Greg’s course.

After not being able to make the Six Figure Mentors work to the level I wanted I found myself bouncing from course to course.  Each when was my next big hope to success.  But even as I was half way through some of them I was looking for the next course to do.

Until Greg’s SEO Affiliate Domination course!

I have never been so inspired and excited to remain focused on one path to make it work.  

Who Is Greg Jeffries

Greg Jeffries is a self confessed introvert, which you will soon see in his teaching style.  As a fellow introvert I found this really comforting – yes you can create a successful online business without all the fanfare.

Greg is an SEO and affiliate marketer based in Austin, Texas.  He has over 10 years in the space of affiliate marketing and has carved out a really successful business.  And for those who are a little cynical – his success is not in selling his own course!

Greg Jeffries
Greg Jeffries

For those that know him, including his students he has a reputation for being a really nice guy and a straight shooter.  It became clear to me that Greg is one of the few in the game that really cares about his students.
Greg is a ClickFunnels Dream Car winner, which means he has over 100 ClickFunnel members as an affiliate. What is really amazing is that he did this using free-organic traffic – not paid ads!
I simply love Greg’s style.  There is something very open and honest in his approach.  

Right from the start Greg has a way of making you feel that success is simply a matter of time.  If you do what he teaches, put in the effort and time, then there is no way you can’t find your success.  

So without all the massive mayhem and motivation many other courses pump into you, Greg’s simple relaxed approach had a far greater impact on me.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation

So very quickly, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is the strategy of optimising your posts and website in general to rank higher in the search engines.  In other words, its the techniques to have the content you create appear higher when some does a Google search.

When you create a piece of content, say a blog post, and publish it on your website, how does anyone find it? Well, Google (and other search engines) in theory ‘crawl’ the web looking for new content.  When they find it they first index it, then rank it.

Indexing is simply saying here is a piece of content we are aware of, and it covers the following topic.
Ranking is saying how good the content covers the topic.

So when someone does a search in Google, it uses a look-up table to find all the indexed content that covers that search topic.  It then lists it in order according to it’s rank – the higher the rank the higher up the search result the post appears.

Now it is a little (read a lot!), more complex than that – but you get the idea.
So SEO is the process and strategy around having your content indexed and ranked as high as possible for the chosen topics you wish to rank for.

White-Hat SEO Vs Grey-Hat SEO (and Black-Hat)

At the end of the day the whole process of searching and ranking on google is a bunch of animated processes run on a computer somewhere (again massive over-simplification).  So in theory you can “game” the system, and trick the algorithm to rank your content higher.

In the early days of SEO, when things weren’t so sophisticated people used keyword stuffing techniques to cram keywords into posts to have them ranked.  Things like this were known as “Black-Hat” SEO techniques.
Now, the Google engines are incredibly smart and actually ‘read’ the content like a human might.  So any attempt to game the system is more likely to be caught and the post penalised by Google and ranked much lower.

White-hat SEO is simply creating great content and making certain you follow a simple strategy to make sure Google is aware of that content.  It can then be ranked accordingly and provide free traffic for years to come.
Grey-hat SEO stretches the boundaries a little to expand your reach across a broader range of keywords.  You could for example use the same piece of content to rank for many more keywords and increase your website traffic.

Some of what Greg teaching drifts into the grey-hat techniques.  Now please be note that does not mean that the Google police will come knocking on your door.  It simply means sites created using these techniques simply might not rank in any search.  But you will see why this technique is really interesting and in my opinion well worth testing.

The core of white Greg teaches is white-hat, with some grey-hat techniques used to scale and amplify your results, if you want to try them out.

Paid Vs Free Traffic – Why I Love SEO

In general there are two types of “traffic” that you can use for your affiliate offers – paid and free (or organic). While paid traffic has its place, I much prefer free traffic methods, such as SEO techniques.

Many online training programs promote the use of paid traffic for beginners, which I feel is absolutely wrong.  It is tough enough when you start your online business to learn all the key elements.  Then if you toss paid advertising on top – now you have a possible recipe for disaster.  

Not only do you need to pay for the necessary tools to get your business started, but you have the added stress of a marketing budget.  Given that many marketing campaigns are trial and error, it becomes horrible as you watch your savings dwindle on ads that you don’t know will work.

In fact this is the reason why many people give up when they start online.  It becomes too stressful and the uncertainty of turning a profit is hard to accept.

Free traffic removes that stress.  Yes there are still expenses to get your business online, like website hosting etc, but these are minimal.  You can learn key skills you need such as copy writing, running a website, finding good affiliate products, keyword research etc etc, without the stress of money disappearing on paid advertising.

Also, any traffic created by paid advertising immediately stops when the advertising is turned off.  So even though you may have found a profitable advert, it only works while you keep applying a marketing budget.  And give that advertising costs generally rise, that paid marketing campaign will become less profitable over time.

But if you build a solid authority website, you can generate free traffic for years.  I know of many people who receive sales from a blog post they created months or years back.  Without any updates it just keeps ticking over, creating traffic and sales.  Now that’s close to passive income!

My advice to anyone starting out – learn free traffic methods first.  Get income coming into your business, then you can experiment and learn paid traffic with a small marketing budget.  And that can be 100% funded from your organic traffic, so it’s not your savings being hurt!

SEO Affiliate Domination Course in Detail

Greg has broken the SEO Affiliate Domination course into a series of easily digestible modules.  Each module is provided as a week’s training, with a clear action item to be completed each week.

The training sessions are all delivered on video, with Greg showing on screen what he is talking about, which makes it really easy to follow.  None of them are that long, so it doesn’t really take a week to go through each module.  But if you are doing this around a full time job, then setting a goal of completing a module a week, with the actions is a great start.

The first eight modules are really the core of the training.  Once you been through them you will have a very good understanding of SEO and what it takes to build and rank a website.  Each module nicely builds on each other, then when its over you suddenly realise how much you’ve learned.

The key topics covered include;

  • SEO, how it works and why.
  • Domains and hosting.
  • Setting up WordPress, including themes and plugins
  • Keywords, what makes good keywords and how to find them
  • On Page SEO, including article structure.
  • Off Page SEO, such as Private Blog Networks and back-linking.
  • Google analytics and tracking your results.
  • Affiliate Networks, such as ClickBank and JV Zoo.
  • Building an email list, and scaling strategies.

One thing I would have liked is an over view at the start.  By the end of the 8 modules I was like “oh, I get it all now”.  But it would have been good to have a sneak peak on where we were going to start and what the pieces were we would be covering.

You should also note that this course is not a copy writing course.  So that means that Greg does not cover how to write your articles, or what makes good copy for a blog post.

Scaling Your Business

After the initial eight modules there is a whole host of additional training aimed at really tacking your online SEO business to the next level.  But here is where things get a little interesting.

Some people can become overwhelmed at this point, as Greg starts to cover a range of possible activities you could try in your business.  So it’s really easy to get distracted on many angles and not concentrate on one or two strategies until they work.

And that is the key, all the strategies work.  These additional training modules are to hope you bot accelerate things and scale your business, once you begin to see results.

It’s also the area that covers some of the more ‘grey-hat’ techniques – which is an area some people may not be comfortable with.  It took my a little while to wrap my head around it, but I’m so glad I did, as I can see the huge potential these techniques can bring.

Some of the techniques discussed and covered include;

  • Mass Page Sites to cover broad keywords and test which ones will gain traction.
  • Use of Expired Domains to help your sites rank faster on Google.
  • Automated tools to create site backlinks.
  • Launch Jacking.
  • How to capitalise on general market trends and seasonal items.
  • Smashing it in MLM and ecommerce.

The Community

As is often the case, a training course is only as good as the follow-up support.  It’s like having a school teacher talk at you for a couple of hours, then simply leave the classroom with zero follow-up.  Unless there is ongoing discussion and testing to make sure you have grasped the ideas the lessons value is much lower.  

You need to be able to test what you have learnt in the real world, then have somewhere to ask questions – when I did this, that happened, why?

Greg’s Facebook group is exactly that – a place to really test out what is working or not.  

This is all particularly important in the world of SEO, where things can change quite rapidly.  It is really important to share findings and results to make certain that everyone is succeeding.

There are even group members who have gone onto create their own courses, and offered them back into the community for free.

Oh, and Greg is regularly posting there.  I know I am members of gurus groups and you never hear from them. They pay staff to maintain the various forums and answer questions.  But here Greg is posting first hand what he is up to, as well as answering questions.

One-One Coaching Sessions

If you are struggling you can sign-up for additional coaching.  While it is an additional fee, it is good to know there is somewhere you can go to get answers.  

Some people also use these sessions to build their SEO business to the next level.  The coaches are all using the same techniques to run successful SEO businesses – so they really know what they are talking about.

Free Introduction Course

If you are keen to find out more about SEO but are not ready to take the plunge, Greg does have a free introduction course worth looking at.

Get Your Money Back!

One of the more interesting things is that Greg provides a money back offer (at least at the time of writing this). Now it’s not your normal money back guarantee.

Let me explain.  If you make your money back in commissions using Greg’s process, then he will refund you the cost of the course.  The only catch is you need to provide a video testimonial – which I’m sure will be okay given that you have just made over $1,000 and Greg’s course was now for free!

According to Greg it is his way to motivate you into action.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, he truly believes anyone can make money from his methods – they just have to take action.  

But I also think it speaks to the type of person Greg actually is, and how he cares for the results of his students.

Check out more Success Stories here!

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.

So Who Is The Course For?

Anyone can really benefit from this course!

The Total Beginner – I strongly believe that free traffic is the way to go when starting out.  So learning SEO techniques is a great way to start.

New to SEO – while you may not be new to affiliate marketing, you may not know SEO and Greg’s course will change that.

Looking for New Traffic Methods – you may know ’traditional’ SEO techniques and want to scale and enhance what you do.  Again Greg has you covered as he covers techniques like mass page sites, Private Blog Networks etc.

Other Training Programs To Compare

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

This course is by Zach Crawford who has made a huge success in his Affiliate Marketing business.  Again, Zach uses free organic traffic, but this time focused on Facebook Groups and YouTube videos.  Zach does cover paid advertising, but believes you need to master organic traffic first

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks
Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

The course is very comprehensive, including sections on setting the right mindset as well as business goal and task setting.  Zach doesn’t pull any punches as to how hard you will need to work.  But if you do and follow what he is teaching you have a very high chance of success.

Check out Zach’s free webinar here.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Spencer Mecham’s course is a must for anyone wanting to round-out there knowledge in affiliate marketing.  Spencer’s approach to the online marketing space is really refreshing.  He hates using his own money to build his business, so immediately there is a bias toward keeping costs low while you build things up.

Spencer Mecham
Spencer Mecham

Spencer focuses mainly on blogging and YouTube organic traffic. There is a emphasis on building quality content to provide value to your audience, which is clearly a long term approach.  He does not promote any spammy shortcuts that simply don’t last.

I particularly love the way he works out how to add value to a product someone might need.  For example, providing a free training around email marketing, to promote an email marketing software (such as Aweber or GetResponse).

Check out Spencer’s training here.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is an online marketing training program by Robby Blanchard.  It teaches you how to use affiliate marketing to make money, primarily by selling affiliate products on FaceBook.  

Robby Blanchard
Robby Blanchard

But its real focus on products from the ClickBank market place, and other similar market places to do this.
Robby Blanchard is ClickBank’s number one affiliate, which given there is over $200m in sales every year through the platform is really saying something.  So if selling products from places like ClickBank is something you have thought of, or want to know more about then this training is a must.

Check out more from Robby here.

Actually, a combination of Robby’s training and Greg’s SEO techniques would prove a killer combination!

What People Like About Greg’s Course

There is a lot to like about Greg’s course.  Particularly;

Great for beginners
Good for any affiliate marketer looking to increase their SEO skills
Strong and active community to continue to the learning process
Access to Greg directly through his FaceBook group
Keeps up to date with the latest trends and changes in the SEO space
You can get your money back

What People Don’t Like As Much

Like anything there are a couple of things to be aware of;

  • No Refunds – because of the 100% money back, Greg has removed the refund policy.  But there is an initial free training course provided, so you can get a feel for Greg and his style before you commit.
  • A lot is covered, which can leave people a little overwhelmed.  You just need to keep focus on the core strategy, before you look at others.
  • Would be good to have a broad over-view to start.


Without a doubt Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination course is one of the best online business courses I have taken.  I found a while back that I have a real passion for blogging and learning SEO techniques is a must.

Greg’s course does a great job of cover the core of SEO is such a simple way.  There is a quiet confidence that you feel in doing the course that these strategies and techniques all work.  So it is only a matter of time and a little effort to see money coming into your affiliate business.

The community and private Facebook group from the course is one of the most active I’ve seen.  So you really do get your questions answered and new ideas tested and confirmed.  

If you are looking to build a solid affiliate business, built on organic free traffic, then I strongly recommend checking out Greg’s course!

You can also sign-up to Greg’s free introduction course for SEO, which is a great place to start if your not sure.


Steve Floyd

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.