One Funnel Away Challenge Review for 2020

One Funnel Away Challenge Review
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This One Funnel Away Challenge Review covers why it has quickly become the current signature training program from ClickFunnels.  

I really felt like saying “The ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge = Just Do It!!!!” – shortest blog post ever!  And hopefully once you have checked this blog out you will see how much value there really is in doing the challenge.

I really don’t think people understand the benefits of the challenge – otherwise they would have already done it.  If you are starting an online business, or have a business that is not yet hit the six figure mark, then this challenge is essential training to super-charge your business.

The One Funnel Away Challenge takes you through the steps in creating a successful sales funnel.  It teaches you the various elements that make up a sales funnel and most importantly has you build one yourself.  So you complete the training challenge with your own working sales funnel geared around your business.

I think you will see from everything below, there is so much that is put into the One Funnel Away Challenge training program – the value is really quite amazing.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is really a training program, designed to help you build a successful sales funnel for your business.  Now this is not just simply cranking out a couple of web-pages or landing pages. It is the creation of all the elements around a successful, top performing sales funnel.

The program is so comprehensive, that I know of many people that go through it multiple times.  If they have a new funnel they are putting together, they choose to go through the training again, to make sure they have covered everything correctly.

The training is said to cover 4 weeks, but really it is more like 5-6 weeks.  There is a pre-training week, that focuses completely on getting you in the right mindset.  This is quite important, given there is so much that will be covered, you will need to have your thinking clear to keep the momentum up.

The core of the training roles out over the next 4 weeks, with key themes or topics each week.  The daily training sessions then build upon each topic, with daily actions left as ‘homework’.  Key areas covered include;

  • Creating an irresistible product offer
  • Psychology of sales
  • The importance of stories in the selling process
  • What hooks a potential customer
  • Building a successful sales funnel
  • Creating a ‘Value Ladder’ and Offer Stack
  • And much more…

This is a key point – this is not a passive training course.  To get the most out of it you will be required to do homework almost everyday!  But then how else will you end up with a working sales funnel if you’re not building it out as you go.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The challenge originally started as a ‘live’ event, with portions of coaching delivered via Facebook lives.  So it didn’t run that often.  However, due to the success of the training, both in number of students and the success stories that are coming out, the training is now run over 2 week.  

Because of that, elements that were live are now previous lives that have been recorded.  But to be honest I didn’t feel that anything was lost from this.  The fact that it had been live meant that people were asking questions – many of which were in line with what I was wondering.

The final thing to remember is that it is a “challenge” – meaning there is a time limit.  In general, it is so easy to put off tasks to tomorrow, and then wonder why we don’t make good progress.  So by setting this as a challenge it drives that competitive part of us to want to be successful.  

As the challenge starts to draw to a close you become more proud of what you have achieved, and can’t wait for it all to go live.  Especially when other people are starting to post in the Facebook group their success and sales coming through!

Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, the whole challenge draws from the Mission Impossible theme, which is a cool touch.  But I hope you like the original theme, as you’re going to hear it a lot!

So How Much Does The Challenge Cost?

The simple answer is $100 – which is simply amazing value.  There are courses out there that charge 10 times or more this amount and don’t come close to the value received.  At $100 it’s like a no-brainer.
If you can’t afford the $100 to invest in your education, particularly with a program like this, then to be honest I think you will struggle in your business.  

One Funnel Away Challenge Cost

This $100 will save you more time and dollars later, so it should become a very easy decision.

The other cost, of course, is your time.  You will need to dedicate at least one hour everyday to keep up. The training does move fast, given how much is covered.  So if you don’t keep up with watching the coaching sessions and  completing your tasks, then you will struggle.

The time element will often be much harder than the $100.  Like I said it will become obvious why the $100 is great value – but many people will struggle with the time element.  But if you really want your business to start cranking then you simply need to make the time!

What Do You Get With The Challenge?

When you signup to the training you now have the option of picking a 100% digital package, or the standard training pack.  The digital version is just that, all the elements listed below are simply available for download online.  With the the standard pack you will need to cover shipping ($19.95 for US residents and $29.95 if outside the US).

However, if this is your first time doing the challenge, then I strongly recommend getting the physical pack. Not just so you get your hands on the goodies, but there is something about having a physical workbook to scribble notes in for future reference.

So what is included in the challenge?

The Training Portal – All the training is available online through a dedicated training site.  All the video lessons, pdf’s and links to other training items are available in this portal.  Access to each day’s training is only made available one day at a time, so you can’t race ahead.  It keeps you grounded, and makes sure you take the time to complete each day’s tasks, rather than skip ahead and leave the challenge half completed.

The Challenge Workbook – You receive a spiral bound workbook covering the training material.  This lays out each mission including the key elements covered, check list of tasks you need to complete and areas for you to make your own notes.  Each day is also available for download as a soft copy – but there is something to be said about scribbling your notes in a dedicated workbook as you are learning.

MP3 Player – This holds all the lessons recorded for you ready to go.  You can either download them onto your favourite mobile device, or listen straight from the Player itself.  It provides an easy way to listen and digest the training “missions” in any idle time you may have (on the commute to work for example).  This just helps remove another potential issue that may stop you from moving forward.

Dedicated Facebook Group – Each new challenge has a dedicated Facebook group, which is very powerful.  Various updates and notes are posted here from the coaches and mentors, and you get to post any questions or struggles you have.  But importantly this is the group of people who are going through the training exactly like you are.  So this provides the support structure you need – just like a study group back in school or uni.

Bonuses Included

There are a number of bonuses that are available in addition to the standard One Funnel Away training. The two key items are;

30 Days Summit

30 Day Summit

The 30 Days Summit is built on the idea of a simple question;  if you lost everything what would you do in the next 30 days to build back your business (knowing what you know now)?  Great question to ask people who have been crushing it in their online business.  You receive both a book, with a chapter from each expert, and a video from each explaining the steps they would take each day to rebuild their business. You could easily copy just one strategy, and be well on your way to your first online business.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is intended to be the starting point for anyone who is brand new to online marketing, and wants to be an affiliate marketer.  It is a video series of 15 digital entrepreneurs, each giving their steps they would use to build an affiliate business from scratch.  Each person has been incredibly successful in their chosen niche, and share quite openly the things they learnt that helped achieve that success.

All of these are available through the One Funnel Away Challenge training site.  You are given lifetime access to the bonuses by going through the challenge.  Again the value in these bonuses alone make the $100 seem ridiculous.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Coaches

The Challenge education and coaching sessions is delivered by Russel Brunson, Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian.   As you will see below, there is absolutely no shortage of skills and talent in the coaches.

Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson is the “Leader” of the challenge, who sets the scene and introduces the key topics each day.

Russel is the cofounder of ClickFunnels and is known for popularising the term “sales funnel”, at least in the online world.  The concept of sales funnels has been around since there were sales people (forever!), but that is the power of marketing a message – it becomes your own.  And Russel has managed to do that.  

Russel has written several books which are incredible value each by themselves.  If you haven’t read Expert Secrets then I strongly suggest you add it to your list!

Russel built the ClickFunnels platform on the concept of making sales funnels simple.  And this appears to be his approach to everything.  How can you take a complex task or idea and make it simple.  How do you break it down to simple components that can be executed on and then repeated to scale.
Russel’s style is also very easy to listen to, making his training sessions really enjoyable!

Steve Larsen

Steve Larsen is like the drill sergeant of the training.  He is the one that turns up each day to hammer home the concepts Russel introduced.  But importantly, he is also your mindset coach.  He bring a passion and level of enthusiasm which is infectious and hard to ignore.

Steve really knows his stuff and used to be the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels, building hundreds in not thousands of funnels.  He decided to move on and create his own agency teaching and building sales funnels for others.  Steve has his own podcast, Sales Funnel Radio, where he simply shares his journey and what he has learnt in his entrepreneurial business. 

Oh, and a work of warning…which your head phones when Steve comes on….you’ll see what I mean ? 

Julie Stoian

Julie Stoian is like the ‘good cop’ to Steves ‘bad cop’ and spends time detailing more of the specifics behind the tasks.  So Julie shows us more of the “how” you go about doing something.  This includes on-screen demo’s how you set somethings up step by step.

Again, Julie is a very successful entrepreneur in her own right.  She started using ClickFunnels as a core part of her business and had so much success Russel asked her to join his team.  If you follow Juiie on social media you will see she spends a lot of time teaching how to balance the life of an entrepreneur with home life.

Live Coaches

In addition to the main three coaches, there are also live coaches assigned to each challenge cohort. These coaches have been successful building out sales funnels in their businesses, and hold live training sessions through-out the week.

So importantly you get any answers you may have looked at and addressed in real time (not just recordings).  The coaches are located in different part of the world, so the live sessions are available at reasonable times for everyone.

What Is Covered In The Training

The one thing that stands out with the One Funnel Away Challenge is how structured it all is.  So much thought has gone through how it has been put together and every effort made to get you engaged right from the start.  Each “mission” builds on the last, as does each week – all building up to your sales funnels being completed with the key elements.

The challenge topics and training are broken down as follows.

Pre-training:  Belief

Russel kicks things off by working hard on our beliefs.  Most importantly he wants us to gain faith in ourselves that we can do this.  Without that faith, we are likely to stumble at the first hurdle.  You really also need to keep your eyes open, as a number of sales techniques are shown – they’re not introduced as such, but they are very much there. 

You are introduced to “the perfect webinar” script, which is a whole sales funnel by itself.  I think it is to get your thoughts in the right flow for what is to come.  Weeks of sales process is compressed into 90 mins, and its amazing to watch Russel unpack it.

This weeks missions are;

  • You Must Believe
  • Failure & What it Teaches Us
  • The Who Not The How
  • 10x Secrets
  • Ladyboss Did it…So Can You!

Week 1:  Hook, Story, Offer

This is the first week, which focuses on what your offer actually is.  What are you selling and why?  You are introduced to the concept of “stacking” your offer so that the value far out-weighs the cost.  You start to build out your offer and the ’assets’ you will include in your ’stack’.

The idea is, if your offer is good enough, and compelling enough, it will make up for any mistakes made later.  But very little can fix a bad offer.

This weeks missions are;

  • Offer Hacking
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Offer Sequencing
  • eCovers and Offer Assets
  • Create!

Week 2:  Hooks & Stories

It’s all about the story!  Russel really is a master story teller, and this week he shares his secrets and has us working on our own stories to leverage.   You really dig into your story (what got you here), and how you can use it to both build rapport and ‘hook’ potential customers.  

There is also a massive push for you to start publishing your own content – which I am a huge believer of! But don’t freak out – this is where Steve really helps us understand why, and how we can make it a little easier than it sounds.

This weeks missions are;

  • Publishing
  • Epiphany Bridge
  • Your Origin Story
  • Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks

Week 3:  The Funnel

Here’s the interesting point – you are three weeks in before you start to build the funnel (using ClickFunnels of course).  And in actual fact you are even given a template funnel (share funnel) to work with.  

Again that point is this training is not about simply how to build a landing page, and what buttons to put where.  It really is about building out the whole sales funnels.

So in this week you are taking the pieces from the first 2 weeks and building them into a digital representation.  It becomes a digitised sales process that leads your potential customers through your virtual store.  Here you will also be taught the core funnel strategy. 

This weeks missions are;

  • Core Funnel Strategy
  • Your Share Funnel
  • The Squeeze Page
  • The Sales Page & Order Form
  • The OTO Page
  • The Members Area
  • Testing & Review

Week 4:  Traffic

The final week, and the one where you begin to see how you can bring traffic through your funnel you have created.  After all your whole sales process and funnel isn’t worth much if no one is moving through it.  It’s like trying to sell something to an empty shop.

Here Russel and the team cover how you are going to get traffic, or potential buyers to come into your funnel.  The concept of organic (earned) traffic versus paid traffic is discussed – so depending on your preferred approach and marketing budget you are covered.

This weeks missions are;

  • The Three Types of Traffic
  • The Dream 100
  • Earn Your Way In
  • Buy Your Way In
  • Funnel Audibles

Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge For?

I’d like to simply say EVERYONE!  But that’s not quite true (but almost)….

If you are just starting out in the online business world, then this course is a must.  It will help you understand the basics that makes a good sales funnel – and you will actual have a working sales funnel by the end of it.

If you already have a business, but it’s not quite at the 6 future income yet, then I’d strongly suggest checking it out.  The concepts covered and taught will absolutely improve your business sales process.

If you are brand-spanking new to online business, and never had any training, haven’t started selling anything at all, then this course will be a bit of a challenge.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it – but just know that you will feel like you are drinking from a fire hose.  It is more than likely you will want to repeat it again later, once you have a bit more experience (which is a perfectly fine approach).

Who Is The Challenge NOT For

If you are really struggling with the $100, then I think there may be bigger issues you need to address first. Trying to build a business coming from a mindset of scarcity is really tough – so get your cash flow covered.  And then be prepared to invest in yourself – particularly when the training value is so high.

As I said earlier, if you don’t have the time to commit 1-2 hours per day, then I would pause until you do.  To get the real value from the training you need the time to do the homework!  But I would also ask you to check then where are you spending your time?  If it’s on a poorly designed (or chaotic) sales process, then you should stop that and do this challenge to iron it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Challenge work for any niche?

Yes it does.  In fact this point is rammed home again and again by Steve in his coaching.  It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, or the product you are selling, the concepts all work – “It’s not about the product” Steve yells!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes.  Something that makes most people feel a little more comfortable is if there is some form of guarantee on the quality of the product.  Here there absolutely is, with a full money back guarantee if the challenge and training doesn’t meet your expectations (as unlikely as that is).  You just need to return the physical pack you received.

Do I Need Any Previous Experience or Skills?

Nope.  Having a little knowledge in online business and what it means doesn’t hurt.  But this challenge is designed even for a brand newbie.

What If I Don’t Have A Product Yet?

No problems.  As Steve keeps saying, it’s not about the product.  You can use what you learn to sell anything online – and will receive a host of ideas and examples to get you started.  You may even choose to be an affiliate for ClickFunnels and build a funnel around that.

Is the a Support Community?

Yes.  Each new challenge has a separate Facebook group so that you have a team of people you are going through the challenge with.  ClickFunnels also has a number of support groups also on Facebook you can join for wider support as your business grows.

What If I miss the Live Training?   

Everything is recorded for you, including the live coaching sessions through the week.  So if you miss anything you can go back a listen/watch the recordings.  There is usually a catch-up day each week, which is a great time to watch anything you may have missed, or review something you may not have understood the first time.


The One Funnel Away Challenge really is one of those special pieces of education that really delivers.  My experience has been that ‘sales’ is often a ‘dirty’ word, and is something that many people shy away from. However, without sales nearly all businesses simply can’t exist.

So if you are in business and want to sell something online, then the One Funnel Away Challenge is for you!  Particularly if you are new to online business, or your business is still building and you are yet to hit the six figure mark.

The value in the training is worth way more than the $100 price tag.  And then when you consider the bonus material you receive, it becomes a must.

I can’t recommend taking this challenge enough.  It will make you completely change the way you have been looking at online selling, and importantly leave you with something tangible – a working online sales funnel!

If you are keen to check out the One Funnel Away Challenge for yourself then click here!

Let me know if you have had a chance to do the One Funnel Away Challenge and how you found it!


Steve Floyd