Freedom Breakthrough Review 2020 – Awesome New Affiliate Marketing Training!

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Academy
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If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, or building an Online Business in general, but don’t know where to start then this new course Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy, from Jonathan Montoya is well worth a look.

Starting any new business, particularly an online business, can be really tough.  There is just so much information out there, and most of it just doesn’t work, is outdated and incorrect, or is just simply ‘scammy’.  So it’s often really hard to know where to start – where should you go for the best education and training?

Sometimes all you want is a simple, step-by-step guide where to start and how to get to earning your first affiliate commissions. That’s where the Freedom Breakthrough training course comes in!

What is Freedom Breakthrough in a Nutshell?

Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy – is the new online affiliate training program from Jonathan Montoya.  In summary, Jonathan’s program is all about teaching you how to start your own online business.  

Not another one I hear you say?

Yes another one!  And I won’t even try and say, ‘but this one’s different’, ‘cause of course that what anyone would say!

The reality is there are more training and education programs out there trying to teach you how to start your online business than ever.   And that just makes it even harder to decide which ones are right for you.

Specifically, Jonathan focuses on the world of affiliate marketing, rather than drop-shipping, Shopify or other online business strategies.  There is a lot to like about the Affiliate Marketing space, and it can be a really great place to start an online business given the low overheads.

The Freedom Breakthrough course covers everything Jonathan uses himself to run his online business.  So it is not some theory or untested method – it is very real (sometimes raw), process and strategies that have been proven to work.  Jonathan used these exact same strategies to break free and quit has engineering job.

Overall, the course covers everything you need to know to get you started in Affiliate Marketing, to making your first sales and then scaling the business over time.  Make no mistake, this course in jammed packed with information.  In fact quite a number of the modules could easily be sold by themselves as stand-alone specialist courses.

So if;

  • You are brand new to online marketing and looking for the best path forward, or
  • Have been here a while but struggling to find success, or
  • Are looking for a new proven strategy, or
  • Are looking to gain additional traffic for an existing business,

then Jonathan’s course could be just right for you. 

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Marketing

Who Is Jonathan Montoya?

It is so important to get to know the person behind the training program you are investing in – after all you really are putting your faith into the person who created the program.  You are hoping they’re legit, will deliver on what they promised and actually have had success themselves in what they are teaching!

So who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan is the person behind this new training program – Freedom Breakthrough.  If you do some basic research it looks like Jonathan is an overnight success.  But after some further digging you find that Jonathan has been in the online business space for quite some time.

Jonathan is an electrical engineer by trade – which given that’s where I started my career I can say that makes him incredibly intelligent and hard working 🙂   Jokes aside, he did build his online business while still working full-time, which is proof how it can be done.  His online business eventually became so successful and profitable that he could confidently quit his engineering career.

He has tried his hand at a number of different online business strategies and opportunities.  While most of them had some success, none really achieved what he was after – which was to truly break free from the 9 to 5 grind.  But I’m sure that Jonathan would say none of these earlier business ventures were wasted.  They all provided valuable experience and lead to his ultimate success.

It was in the affiliate marketing space that Jonathan really struck gold.  He now operates a highly successful 6 figure affiliate marketing business – and has decided to share his knowledge in his new course.

Right from the start Jonathan had a goal to share what he was learning and help others in a similar situation achieve success.  This enthusiasm to help others clearly comes across in all the training in the Freedom Breakthrough course.

Jonathan has an infectious teaching style, meaning it is easy to listen and learn from him.  He is clearly passionate about what he is teaching and gives you the confidence that you can do it too.

Check out this video with Jonathan explaining his Affiliate Marketing journey.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is my favourite type of online business!  

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

In simple terms it’s where you promote and sell someone else’s product or service for a commission.  Affiliate Marketing has been around long before the internet, where you could be an ‘agent’ for someone else’s goods or service.  If you signed-up a new customer or made a sale the company would pay you a commission.

The internet has just made the whole process much easier.  For the affiliate it means you have access to an almost endless range of products and services that you can sell.  For the vendor (or owner of the product or service) they have access to an almost endless team of sales people.

So why is affiliate marketing so good?

  • No need to hold stock.  Delivery is taken care of by the suppler, with all sales shipped direct to the end customer.
  • No need for after-sales headaches.  The manufacturer or supplier takes care of any ongoing customer support issues.
  • Very little upfront costs to get started.  Given there is no need to create a product or buy and hold stock the upfront costs are kept to a few marketing tools (eg website, landing pages, email tools etc).
  • Huge range of Products and Services Available.  There are products available for almost any niche you are interested in.

For me, it’s a great place to start if you are new to the online marketing world.  It is tough to learn all the parts of selling something online, which is only made harder if there is additional headaches of product development, manufacturing, shipping and after sales to take care of.

Freedom Breakthrough – The Course in Detail

Affiliate Marketing Training

The Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy course is broken into 12 modules.  But don’t be surprised if this changes, as Jonathan is constantly adding to it and refining it, based on both student feedback and anything he additionally learns.

Each module is incredibly detailed.  They start with the basics and how to get yourself setup – then move into the tactics and strategy around how to make that part of your business work for you.

The modules cover the following in detail;

Course Introduction Covering what the course is about and how to get the most from it.  It also includes an intro to the ‘Affiliate Language Lingo’ – so absolute beginners understand what everyone is talking about!

Module 1 – Picking The Perfect Affiliate Niche One of the most common questions when starting in Affiliate Marketing is ‘but what do I sell?’.  So its a great place to start – helping you decide what is the right niche for you to focus on, and what are the best products to promote.  Jonathan also drills into the concept of identifying the actual problem you are solving for your customers, with the product you are promoting.

Module 2 – Creating The Affiliate Website Asset This is where you actually start to put together the building blocks of your online business – starting with your website.  I’ve seen people starting their online business spend months lost on building a website.  So for Jonathan to literally build a simple site step by step is such a powerful piece of the puzzle.

Module 3 – Google SEO Mastery This is one of the modules where Jonathan brings in an expert to cover the details – in this case Nathan Lucas.  Nathan goes through the basics of Search Engine Optimisation step by step.  Here you will learn what it takes to create a blog post and have it show up on page one of a Google search – giving you access to free traffic!

Module 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel It’s all about the funnel!  When you walk into a store, if no one comes to assist you, you are likely to simply walk out.  This is the same with your affiliate offers!  This module covers how to take a potential customer and gently lead them through a sales process, increasing your chances of them actually buying the end product.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Mastery   Once you have captured an email from a potential customer – what then?  How do you stay in contact with them in the right way?  Again, how do you take them from being slightly interested in your products to an enthusiastic customer?  This module covers all that, including how to set up a super important piece of your marketing tools – the autoresponder!

Module 6 – Free Traffic With FaceBook Now we get into the most important part – how do you get traffic to your offers?  Jonathan starts with and emphasises the use of free traffic, starting with FaceBook.  He covers how to get your profile setup right, and how to use FaceBook as a business tool, rather than a social distraction from your goals.  In particular, Jonathan covers the use of FaceBook groups to build a following and an audience of potential customers.

Module 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube This is where Jonathan really made his name.  He has an amazing YouTube channel – one that has driven much of his success.  Again the basics are covered – how to setup your channel correctly and the tools that you will need.  But importantly the details of video search and keywords and how to get your videos ranking are covered.

Module 8 – Free Traffic With TikTok Now this is an interesting one, as there are very few people who are teaching TikTok methods in affiliate marketing.  But Jonathan is really nailing it – and importantly he covers how to make it an integral part of driving subscribers back to your other assets, such as your YouTube channel etc.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic With Google Ads Here it’s time to get into some paid traffic methods, starting with Google Ads.  This module covers both the standard Google search results as well as YouTube video ads.  Both of these are run from the same Google Ads platform.  Again this module is very detailed and provides setup, to running your ads, retargeting potential customers and building ’safe’ landing pages that won’t get you suspended from the Google Ads platform.

Module 10 – Paid Traffic With Tiktok Ads This module is the same as Google Ads, but focusing on the specific of the TikTok platform.  It covers how to target the right audience and build upon that with things like “lookalike” audience techniques.  In other words, get my ads in front of other people who are ‘like’ the ones who are my existing customers.

Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook And again, with Facebook ads.  The FaceBook ad platform is incredibly powerful, as it is the online platform that captures the most detail about its users (yes, we all love to give away high volumes of personal details to Mr Zuckerberg!).  That allows the marketing on the platform to be incredibly targeted and efficient if you know what you are doing.

Module 12 – Launch Jacking And now for something completely different.  Jonathan covers an interesting strategy called “Launch Jacking” – which is basically a process to tap into promoting new products that are about to launch.  The idea is that because they are new there is very little content on the internet covering them, so ranking for search terms will be much easier.  Jonathan says that he has made quite a bit of money with this strategy and it may be a quick path to get things started in your own business.

Bonus Modules

To really wrap things up, and add some amazing value to the program, Jonathan has included a number of bonus modules.  These are presented by other successful affiliate marketers who each have their own speciality and expertise.

Affiliate Marketing Bonus Modules

Alex Branning – How to Structure the Perfect Affiliate Offer:  Having a great product doesn’t mean that it will simply sell itself.  It can also get more difficult if the product or niche you are working in is highly competitive.  So you need to somehow make your offer unique and stand-out.  Alex provides details how you can create the perfect affiliate offer and make your product become a “no-brainer”.

Joshua Ong – High Ticket Sales Mastery Using Facebook Organic:  Josh has really carved out a niche in selling high ticket products using organic traffic through FaceBook.  Here he shares his technique and strategy so you can replicate it.  Selling High Ticket products is a great way to really accelerate the profits in your business, but it needs to be done right.

Paul Mottley – How To Get Your Clickfunnels Dream Car:  The ClickFunnels affiliate program provides a monthly bonus if you have 100 customers or more each month.  Paul shares his process to build a ClickFunnels Subscriber list to at least 100 customers.  And importantly he shares how you can sustain this moving forward – which is actually quite hard.   This process can then be replicated for any similar product like ClickFunnels.

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.

Paid Vs Free Traffic – Why I Love Free!

In general there are two types of “traffic” that you can use for your affiliate offers – paid and free (or organic).  While paid traffic has its place, I much prefer free traffic methods, such as SEO techniques.
Many online training programs promote the use of paid traffic for beginners, which I feel is absolutely wrong.  It is tough enough when you start your online business to learn all the key elements.  Then if you toss paid advertising on top – now you have a recipe for disaster.  

Not only do you need to pay for the necessary tools to get your business started, but you have the added stress of a marketing budget.  Given that many marketing campaigns are trial and error, it becomes horrible as you watch your savings dwindle on ads that you don’t know will work.
In fact this is the reason why I think many people give up when they start online.  It becomes too stressful and the uncertainty of turning a profit is hard to accept.

Free traffic removes that stress.  Yes there are still expenses to get your business online, like website hosting etc, but these are minimal.  You can learn key skills you need such as copy writing, running a website, finding good affiliate products, keyword research etc etc, without the stress of money disappearing on paid advertising.

So why do I say all this?

This is a big tick for me with Jonathan’s course.  He covers both paid and free traffic methods, but stresses that you should focus on and master free traffic methods before moving to paid.  Paid traffic can be used later to really scale your business, once you’ve learned the basics.

Who Is The Course Best For?

Jonathan’s Freedom Breakthrough course is definitely targeted to newer members to the online business world.  It does start at a very basic level, which is perfect for newbies, as he provides step by step instructions to setup your business assets and platforms.

Anyone who is interested in starting up their own affiliate marketing business can follow along with Jonathan and build out their business.  And again, Jonathan’s style makes things really easy to follow.

But it isn’t restricted only to newcomers.

If you are keen to start a new traffic source, such as Facebook or Blogging, then there is plenty to learn here.  

One of the biggest areas is if you are looking to setup your own YouTube channel to drive internet marketing traffic.  Jonathan really is a master in the YouTube and TikTok space, and shares some incredibly valuable information.

Other Training Programs To Compare

SEO Affiliate Domination

Greg Jeffries course is 100% focused on free organic traffic through search engines.  It works on building authority websites that target long-tailed keywords relevant to the product or services you are selling.  Greg has had significant success following this strategy, as has a number of his students.  It is an easy one to follow, and Greg certainly works hard to keep things simple.

Greg Jeffries - SEO Affiliate Domination
Greg Jeffries

There is a very active FaceBook group that is included as part of the course.  In fact this group provides ongoing learning as successful students share what is working for them.  

If organic, free traffic from search engines interests you then I highly recommend Greg’s course.  Check it out my full review here.

Greg also offers a free introduction course you can check out as well.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

This course is by Zach Crawford who has made a huge success in his Affiliate Marketing business.  Again, Zach uses free organic traffic, but this time focused on Facebook Groups and YouTube videos.  Zach does cover paid advertising, but believes you need to master organic traffic first

Zach Crawford - Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

The course is very comprehensive, including sections on setting the right mindset as well as business goal and task setting.  Zach doesn’t pull any punches as to how hard you will need to work.  But if you do and follow what he is teaching you have a very high chance of success.

Check out Zach’s free webinar here.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets course is a must for anyone wanting to round-out there knowledge in affiliate marketing. Spencer’s approach to the online marketing space is really refreshing.  He hates using his own money to build his business, so immediately there is a bias toward keeping costs low while you build things up.

Spencer Mecham - Affiliate Secrets

Spencer focuses mainly on blogging and YouTube organic traffic.  There is a emphasis on building quality content to provide value to your audience, which is clearly a long term approach.  He does not promote any spammy shortcuts that simply don’t last.

I particularly love the way he works out how to add value to a product someone might need.  For example, providing a free training around email marketing, to promote an email marketing software (such as Aweber or GetResponse).

Check out Spencer’s training here.

What I Liked About The Course

Actually, there is a lot to like, given how much information is covered and provided!

Great for beginners – it starts right at the basics so you are not left with a huge knowledge gap to overcome at the start.
Focuses on free and organic traffic methods to get you started.
Covers the basics of sales, marketing and sales funnels – which is often missed in similar courses.
Amazing training around YouTube and TikTok – some of the best training in the market!
Brings in additional industry experts to share their strategies.

What I Didn’t Like As Much

Like anything, there are a couple of things I didn’t like as much;

The course is very new, so it is still quite raw in parts.  This doesn’t mean the information isn’t all there, it’s just not a ‘polished’ in some parts.
There is ALOT of information provided – so it can be a little overwhelming.  Just note that you don’t have to complete it all to get started or be successful.
I would like to see the Product and Niche selection fleshed out a bit more.

Freedom Breakthrough – Summary

The Freedom Breakthrough course by Jonathan Montoya is a great place to start if you a new to Affiliate Marketing.  It is really hard to find a course out there that covers the basics to get you started, as well as some more advanced strategies to scale your business.  Jonathan manages to do this really well across the course.

Even though I have been kicking around this space for a while I found there were a number of valuable details that I still picked up.  Particularly with newer platforms like TikTok – its good to hear from someone who has managed to really have an impact.  And Jonathan’s knowledge around creating a highly successful YouTube channel is among the best.

There is so much information provided throughout the course – a number of modules could easily be sold as stand-alone courses.  It is absolutely possible to follow the training and build your own online business without needing any other training to start.

I would definitely recommend checking out Jonathan’s course!

Freedom Breakthrough Training

Let me know if you have taken a particular Affiliate Marketing course you love. I’m always on the look out for new courses!


Steve Floyd

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.