Commission Hero Review 2020 – Learn From ClickBank’s #1 Affiliate!

Commission Hero
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Commission Hero is an exciting Affiliate Marketing training program from Robby Blanchard.  While it is one of the rare online training programs that is of high quality, it is quite niche in it’s approach and therefore isn’t for everyone.

If you have thought about trying your hand at Affiliate Marketing, then you have probably come across the ClickBank Market place.  If you haven’t heard of ClickBank, or aren’t totally up with what it offers then check out my update below.  But like most people you soon become lost on which product to promote, and where to begin to become profitable.

That’s where Commission Hero comes in.  It is a targeted education platform designed to help you become very profitable selling ClickBank and similar products.

So is it right for you?  Well let’s find out…

What is Commission Hero – A Quick Overview

Imagine what your life would be like if you had an extra $1,000?  Now imagine if you could repeat that as often as you like!

That is the opening promise from Commission Hero!

Robby Blanchard
Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero is an online marketing training program by Robby Blanchard.  It teaches you how to use affiliate marketing to make money, primarily by selling affiliate products on FaceBook.  And it focuses on products from the ClickBank market place to do this.

ClickBank is one of the largest internet product market places in the world – and Robby is ClickBank’s number one affiliate.  So he knows a thing or two about how to make it all work.

Commission Hero provides training and education around a step-by-step strategy that simply works.  Instead of forcing you to sell a specific product in a specific way, Robby teaches you how to select the right products, follow a simple system to promote and sell them, then track what is working so you can increase your profits.

Robby understands the struggles most people have when starting an online business, particularly with Affiliate Marketing.  That is why this program is so good for beginners or anyone thinking of jumping into affiliate marketing.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a really interesting piece of the Affiliate Marketing landscape.  Simply, it is a market place where vendors offer their products to people who want to market and sell those products on their behalf.   It’s a place where product owners and potential online marketers can come together.

So why do product owners put their products onto ClickBank?  Why don’t they just sell directly themselves?

Well firstly that is the basis of affiliate marketing.  Why go to the expense of creating your own marketing and sales team when there are so many people out there who are better placed to do it for you.  That way you focus on what you do best, which is product development.

Secondly, creating and managing an affiliate program can be tricky and is another overhead for a business to worry about.  ClickBank effectively offers to outsource this on behalf of the product owner.

So it’s a win-win.  Good products brought to market, ClickBank handling the interface to the network of affiliate marketers, and the affiliate marketers getting a commission for promoting and selling the products to the end customer.


ClickBank was founded in 1998, so it is certainly one of the ‘old boys’ of the internet marketing space.  There are some staggering numbers associated with its success;

  • 200 million customers spread across 190 countries
  • 87th largest Internet retailer in North America
  • 276 categories and 21562 product listings
  • 6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
  • Over 200 million dollars in annual sales

So with a market place this size, you don’t need much market share to make a decent income! ClickBank is a great option for bloggers and entrepreneurs who wish to promote digital and lifestyle products.

What are the Pros for ClickBank?

There are five main standout points;

  1. Ease of Use:  The signup process is really straight forward.  You can sign-up in a matter of minutes, with no complicated paper work or administration that needs to be completed.  This makes it super easy for anyone from any country.
  2. No Sign-up Restrictions:  Anyone can join the network for free.  So it’s perfect for beginners who want to learn the ropes and build their affiliate marketing skills.
  3. Can Join Both Sides:  Most affiliate marketing networks require you to join as either a vendor or an affiliate.  ClickBank allows you to join up as both a vendor and an affiliate so you can maximise your earning potential.
  4. Large Selection of Products: There are thousands of products in almost every conceivable niche to choose from.  So your choices when getting started are wide open and not limited.
  5. Good Commission Rates:  ClickBank pays commissions rates of up to 75%, or even 100% in some circumstances.  They pay fast and don’t make you wait to get your hard-earned cash!

What are the ClickBank Cons?

As always there are some negative points to be aware of;

  • Slow Customer Service:  There have been some reports where customer support is a little slow to respond.  This can be given they are dealing with such a large number of vendors and affiliates.
  • Lower Quality Products:  There are a number of junk products for sale, so learning how to spot these is very important.
  • Can have high competition for quality programs:  Any product shown to be good can create a feeding frenzy of affiliates.  But if you know your stuff, you can leverage their marketing activity to increase your reach.

What Types of Products are Available?

The great thing about ClickBank is the range of products and affiliate programs that is on offer.  You can choose from niches and categories like;

  • Arts & Entertainment to As Seen on TV
  • Business/Investing to Betting Systems
  • Computers/Internet to E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Cooking, Food, & Wine
  • Education, Languages, Employment & Jobs
  • Health & Fitness to Home & Garden
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics/Current Events & Reference
  • Self-Help, New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Sports & Travel

With such a wide range there is quite easy to find a niche that aligns to your passion.

Crucial ClickBank Terms to Master

Here are some key ClickBank terms to understand when looking for good products:

  • Gravity: This figure tells you how many affiliates have successfully sold the product in the past 12 weeks. The higher the gravity the greater your chances of succeeding with that program. It’s updated daily and can go up to 600+. A product with a gravity score of at least 50 is a safe bet.
  • Initial $/Sale:  This number portrays the average dollar value of an initial sale, excluding rebills, credited to the affiliate.
  • Avg %/Sale:  Represents the average affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including both initial and rebill commissions.
  • Avg %/Rebill: Represents the average total affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including only rebill commission, for a recurring billing product.

Here the Gravity metrics is one of the most important.  Why?  Because it provides a clear indication if others are being successful selling it.  

Now this is a double edged sword – too much competition may mean that it’s tough for a newbie to break in.

What Else to Look For?

You need to pick Vendors that offer good support to their affiliates.  And that means they include a good set of tools to be able to market the product correctly.  

This should include;

  • Banners, Product images & Videos
  • Pre-sell content & Swipes for email marketing campaigns
  • The best Keywords to target for your blog

The more sophisticated vendors may also include;

  • Press releases
  • Landing pages / sales pages
  • Opt-in rates
  • Customer demographics

So Is ClickBank Worth It?


So that is ClickBank in a nut-shell.  Is it worth venturing into as an affiliate marketer?  Absolutely.  There are some high quality products that have been producing amazing results for affiliate marketers over a long time.
But like anything it is almost impossible to dive straight in and be successful without some level of guidance to start.

And that’s where the Commission Hero training comes in.

Who Is Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard has a really interesting background – he was a Personal Trainer!  Judging by his arms in photo’s he has lifted a few weights in his time!

But Robby’s real claim-to-fame here is the fact that he was ClickBank’s most successful affiliate.  He clearly knows his stuff, and has managed to create a highly profitable strategy around the ClickBank market place.

He is the CEO of Blanchard Media with clients such as FitBody Bootcamp, Paleo Secrets and Jason Capital International.  His company offers services such as speaking engagements, ad campaign management, private consulting and coaching.

Unlike a lot of super-affiliates, Robby did not start out in the “make-money-online” industry.  He actually got started in the fitness industry, opening his own gym after earning his MBA from Fitchburg State College.  

He got into Facebook Ads to promote his gym (which turned out to be a big success), and this is where he honed is online skills to eventually become Clickbank’s top affiliate and the creator of Commission Hero.

Robby’s style is very open and easy to listen to.  He shares everything that has done on his journey to get where he is.

That means he shares both his success and more importantly failures.  There aren’t too many so called “gurus” that share where they have failed, so this approach is quite refreshing.  It also allows you to know the mistakes that you can avoid.

Commission Hero In Detail

Robby covers three key topics in the program;

  1. How to find the best and highest paying products and offers.
  2. How to use your Facebook account to run ads and make sales.
  3. How to use a three step System that psychologically forces people to buy your offers.
Commission Hero 3 Secrets

Key areas covered by training include;

Getting Started:  This is where you set yourself up, including grabbing access to recommended tools – like WordPress and ClickFunnel etc.  A 7 step checklist is provided to cover you.

Choosing the Right Offer:  Obviously this is key.  This is a little like ’teaching a person to fish’ – showing you how to pick a solid product to promote from places like ClickBank and other CPA networks.

Ad Images and Landing pages:  One of the key processes of Commission Hero is to run ads on Facebook.  To do that you need to be taught how to create quality ad images and landing pages that convert.  

Setting Up Facebook and FaceBook Pixel:  Again, given the main source of traffic is to promote on Facebook it is super important to get your setup right.  Then there is the Facebook pixel, which is simply the method to virtually ‘follow’ people around the internet and re-market to them.

Tracking and Scaling:  Once things start to work, its then important to know how to scale.  So once you are making a few dollars each day, how to you increase that.  One of the key ways is to track your results so you know where to focus on what works.

Private Coaching Group:  There is full support from an incredible group who genuinely understand the affiliate marketing game.

One of the interesting things is that Robby stays away from the Internet or Make Money Online niche.

Crucial Affiliate Marketing Techniques

Commission Hero really is a education program focused on getting you started in affiliate marketing.  It is focused on a particular ’style’ of affiliate marketing – using products and services from the ClickBank market place.

The key thing is that you are being trained in affiliate marketing techniques – which I think is an incredibly important skill to have.  I love affiliate marketing in general and think it is a great way to begin your online business.

Here you will learn how to position a product so your potential customers ’see’ it as the solution to their problem. There is a significant amount of psychology affiliate marketing, which again is a must have skill to succeed.

Done For You Elements

One of the hardest things when getting started with your online business is becoming overwhelmed with all the little things that need to be done.  These include writing emails, writing ad copy, building out landing pages etc etc.  

Given that in most cases you may have never done these tasks before all ads up to a reason to fail or quit. Commission Hero covers this by providing a large number of don-for-you resources.  That way you can see what works in each of the areas, and build upon it with your own ideas.

Extra Coaching

If you want to take the training even further there is the option to sign-up for additional one-one coaching.  While this is an additional cost, it may be worth it if you really like the process and want to build your online business around affiliate marketing.

The “Ninja Secrets”

Often the so called ‘gurus’ hide the good stuff for themselves.  They teach you some basics, but to give away there true secrets of success would create a saturated market (see below).

But with Commission Hero, Robby provides all the details you need.  You gain access to the members group, where he shares the very techniques he is working on day-to-day.  So as Robby is adjusting his own strategy for changing market conditions, he is sharing those results with you as well.

Commission Hero

Will It Become Saturated?

This is a really important question to ask yourself when considering any training or education program.  And this is especially important in the “make money online” space.  

Many training programs say, follow what we do exactly selling these specific products and you will make money. But the problem is eventually there are too many students doing the exact same thing, selling the exact same product.  It market becomes saturated.

What is especially insidious (big word!), is when the product is actually their own – buy my training so I can teach you sell my training!

Yes, at some early point before saturation it was a great opportunity.  And the first few students may have smashed it – hence the great testimonials and reviews.  But over time there are simply too many people selling the same product.

So what is important is a training program that teaches you a strategy or a system to follow.  And this is where Commission Hero works.

Robby teaches you how to find your own products.  There will be new online products popping up all the time, on many different affiliate market places.  So you need a system that will show you how to select the most profitable ones.  

Then knowing how to promote and sell those products in ways that has close to endless traffic is the key.
That way keeping up with fresh new products with quality traffic sources means over-saturation is not a problem.

Who Is The Program For?

The style and easy approach of the program means that anyone can follow it.  But that doesn’t mean that anyone should do it.  As always it comes down to your interests and if this type of affiliate marketing is something that interests you!

So many people jump into affiliate marketing and lock onto the first thing they find.  Once they find out more about the particular niche  or market they have fallen into, they realise it doesn’t interest them.

The thing that attracted them in the first place was the money.  Someone said, come check out my program and you will make as much money as you like!  Let me tell you that is simply not true.

Any and every program requires hard work – even the best and most straight forward like Commission Hero.  

Success Stories
Success Stories

If you have already had a look at ClickBank and like the idea of picking good products, promoting them and earning a commission, then you are on the right track.  Signing up for Commission Hero would then be a great idea – so that you have a working system to prick the right products and market them correctly to be profitable.

However, there are a couple of things you should be aware of;

  • The price of the course is not insignificant – but is about right for this type of training.  But just because you have spend the money doesn’t guarantee success.  That is up to you.
  • You will require other tools to make your business work.  For example Robby refers people to ClickFunnels for building bridge and landing pages.  While ClickFunnels is an amazing product, at $97 per month there are cheaper products out there as you first start out.
  • Robby’s marketing strategy is based on paid advertising.  So you will need an advertising budget covered as well to kick things off.  You can use Robby’s strategy with free traffic sources, but that is not covered in this course (I’d recommend checking out something like SEO Affiliate Domination for that).

Remember this is a business that you will be starting.  The beauty is that unlike a bricks-and-mortor business you can start this for very little money.  But because it is a real business it will take some money to get started.

Other Training Programs To Compare

SEO Affiliate Domination

Greg Jeffries course is 100% focused on free organic traffic through search engines.  It works on building authority websites that target long-tailed keywords relevant to the product or services you are selling.  Greg has had significant success following this strategy, as has a number of his students.  It is an easy one to follow, and Greg certainly works hard to keep things simple.

Greg Jeffries
Greg Jeffries

There is a very active FaceBook group that is included as part of the course.  In fact this group provides ongoing learning as successful students share what is working for them.  

If organic, free traffic from search engines interests you then I highly recommend Greg’s course.  Check it out here.

Greg also offers a free introduction course you can check out as well.

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

This course is by Zach Crawford who has made a huge success in his Affiliate Marketing business.  Again, Zach uses free organic traffic, but this time focused on Facebook Groups and YouTube videos.  Zach does cover paid advertising, but believes you need to master organic traffic first

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

The course is very comprehensive, including sections on setting the right mindset as well as business goal and task setting.  Zach doesn’t pull any punches as to how hard you will need to work.  But if you do and follow what he is teaching you have a very high chance of success.

Check out Zach’s free webinar here.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets course is a must for anyone wanting to round-out there knowledge in affiliate marketing. Spencer’s approach to the online marketing space is really refreshing.  He hates using his own money to build his business, so immediately there is a bias toward keeping costs low while you build things up.

Spencer Mecham

Spencer focuses mainly on blogging and YouTube organic traffic.  There is a emphasis on building quality content to provide value to your audience, which is clearly a long term approach.  He does not promote any spammy shortcuts that simply don’t last.

I particularly love the way he works out how to add value to a product someone might need.  For example, providing a free training around email marketing, to promote an email marketing software (such as Aweber or GetResponse).

Check out Spencer’s training here.

What Are The Pro’s for Commssions Hero?

Commission Hero is a quality program with many benefits, including;

Easy to understand and apply training lessons
One-on-one assistance
Access to Done For You ads, ads copy and images
12-months success guarantee
Newbie friendly!

What Are Things People Don’t Like As Much?

There is not much to dislike about the program.  But one of the regular criticisms is that it focuses on one traffic source, being Facebook.  This may be a good thing, as other courses and training I have reviewed have confused people by offering too many options.  So one option that has been proven to work could be a good thing for a beginner.

However, it would be good if Robby included a free traffic source as an option.  Something like SEO and combining it with what Robby teaches could be amazing – check this out!


The Commission Hero training program by Robby Blanchard is clearly a high-quality product.
If you are new to affiliate marketing, or looking to focus in on an approach that works, then this is definitely a program worth looking at.  

If you have come across the ClickBank market place, or other similar market places, then I think a good sales strategy like Commission Hero is a must.

Just be aware that this is a real business and therefore does require some (minimal) setup costs. So you will need a small budget for some tools (like ClickFunnels) and advertising on Facebook.

Let me know if you have taken a particular Affiliate Marketing course you love. I’m always on the look out for new courses!


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