So Who Is Steve?

My Story

Hi, I’m Steve Floyd, online business entrepreneur, creator of my ideal lifestyle and family guy.

If you’ve found your way here, then I guess you are interested in similar things I am. I have always been fascinated in what makes us ‘tick’ – why some people appear to achieve their goals with ease and live the lifestyle they choose, while others struggle. How can I use these learnings to build the ideal lifestyle for me and my family. But importantly, how could I share this knowledge to help others too?

But first let me tell you a little about myself, my journey so far and what DigiPreneur 101 is about.

Growing up on the Moon!

My beautiful wife Claire and I live in Perth Australia, with our two wonderful children. We met in high school (yep, high-school sweethearts!) and really grew-up together. We recently celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary, which is easily my greatest achievement. If I achieve nothing more in my life I can always know that I was fortunate enough to find my soul-mate and best friend so early in my life.

I grew up through the 70’s and 80’s, in Perth Australia, which is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. When you grow up in a time of Black and White TV, rotary dial phones and shops that closed at 5pm and remained closed all weekend, Perth sometimes felt like it was on the Moon! Technology and our closeness to Asia has certainly changed that over the last decade or so, proving in an online world, you really can do business from anywhere.

However, I did get to grow up during a time when some great music came out. Fortunately my parents both loved music, which rubbed onto me. Some of my fondest memories as a kid were long drives in the car as a family listening to Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Neil Diamond. One of my favourite bands to this day is still Jeff Lynne’s ELO (ok, ok….no judging!).

Steve & Claire

Who has influenced your life?

One of the biggest influences in my childhood was that fact that my Dad started his own engineering business – but unfortunately it was not a good experience. Dad put everything into the business, which took him away from the family most nights and weekends. I saw my Dad sink everything into the business at the expense of spending time with us, and yet ultimately the business still failed. And when it did, it happened in a big way. We lost everything, including the family house, and eventually my parents divorced. Talk about leaving a negative impression on starting your own business!

Through primary school and into secondary school I had always enjoyed more artistic and creative classes. I studied classical guitar, enjoyed art and loved English Literature. When I told a family member I wanted to be a graphic designer when I grew up, the reply was “why, there’s no future in that!”. Instead the suggestion was I look at things like electronics and computers as “that was where the real future lies”. So I dropped my dream of a more creative career and chose to study engineering.

Who influenced you when you were growing up, and what does that mean to your thought processes now?

A Career of Discovery

While I graduated from Engineering with honours, I really didn’t enjoy it (no surprise really). So my career as an engineer only latest about two to three years. My “career’ has taken a number of different paths and unexpected turns, from engineer to consultant, from project management to venture capital work, to finally management of sales and marketing teams. I was to figure out later that it was never the actual “work” I enjoyed, but the team leadership and coaching that really excited me, irrespective of the discipline.

In one of my last ‘jobs’, I had managed to work up to a very senior position, as the National Sales Director for a major Australian telco. I really enjoyed this role, as it was all about developing teams across a number of regions, some that were very newly formed. Ultimately we were all about building a winning team culture to take on the industry incumbents. We were achieving all our goals and were really building something special. I was immensely proud of what we were doing, often punching way above our weight and taking on competitors much bigger than us.

Then, just as I was feeling bullet proof I was made redundant! There was a change in company management, and a decision made by the new CEO to relocate my role to the other side of the country. What a wake-up call! Even though I had achieved all we set out to do, and that I was dedicating so much of me into the company it still made no difference.

The security and safety I felt as an employee, doing a great job in a solid company, had been an illusion. Since then I have come across so many people who have similar stories. Unfortunately I believe we live in a time when employees will be treated like a commodity, and we will experience a major shift in the Company – Employee relationship.

Time for a Change

So, knocking on the door of fifty I found myself unemployed. What a great time to take a moment to reassess a few things….

Looking back now I see how I was giving everything to the job (as my wife will attest). I was permanently connected to my phone, or on emails, never giving myself ‘down-time’. I was away from the house before anyone was awake, and home just in time for a quick dinner, then put the kids to bed. And that was when I was ‘home’, as I was often travelling to visit the various teams across the country. I was doing what my Dad had been doing in his business!

I had locked onto the path of being an employee as I had ‘learnt’ that running your own business was insecure and doomed to fail. And yet employment had offered no more security. I had been giving just as much of myself to someone else’s business with even less control over the outcome.

So What is the Alternative?

I realised it was time to get ahead of this employment change and learn new skills to succeed. Businesses are likely to move to ‘employment as a service’ models, and those who can utilise the online/digital world and market themselves best will be best placed to succeed.

It just so happens that a few months earlier I had stumbled across a story about a family in the US who had taken skills they had in their day ‘jobs’ and turned it into a profitable on-line business. While it interested me, the idea of taking time back and working more from home, I still had the illusion of security in my ‘job’ at the time. So I simply parked the idea.

Now I was unemployed I decided to do some more investigation as to how an alternative approach to living might work.

Could I find a business model that would allow me to work from home? To be more ‘present’ in my families lives and simply be there day to day for my wife and children? Where I could utilise the skills I have developed over 30 years and market myself to a broader global community? From my technology background I knew that tele-communiting and working from home was very real, so how could an online business work for me?

After quite a bit of research, as well as soul-searching as to what I really wanted from a business, I came across a simple advert for a community of people who lived such a lifestyle. I discovered that there were a number of groups that had ‘cracked it’, and were successfully teaching people to live a ‘laptop lifestyle’.

The guys that resonated most with me were Stuart Ross and Jay Kubbasek, from the Six Figure Mentors. It was the Six Figure Mentors that opened up the world of Online Business to me – showing me what is possible.

So why DigiPrenuer 101?

The name comes from “digi”, meaning digital, “preneur”, meaning entrepreneur or business, and “101” meaning knowledge or to learn something new. This is what I realised I wanted to do – teach others how they can start their own online business.

As I said above my passion has always been to teach and coach others to become the best they can be. I think the biggest reason people don’t make the move into the online world is they simply don’t have enough faith in themselves to be able to do it. If I can help people to build that trust and faith in themselves I know they can be successful.

It is time now to take the skills I have learnt, along with my passion for helping people achieve their goals and build a business to assist people to create their ideal Lifestyle. As the saying goes, life is a journey, not a destination. Building the lifestyle you want is an ongoing process of growth and development, which if done right will never be complete.

One of the biggest lessons my wife and I have learnt is to have faith when working towards your goals. We often found ourselves investing our time into something, where the expected return simply did not manifest. However, every time it resulted in something special and often unexpected happening to us, that ultimately lead to our goal.

If you take clear and consistent action you will receive your reward – it just might not come from where you thought it would.

First Steps….

One of the first steps is to give yourself the financial ‘space’ to allow you step back and make the right choices for you. An online business could be the answer to provide you with the space you need, whether for an additional income stream or replacing the one you currently have.

Once you have this ‘space’ it’s amazing how creating the lifestyle you want becomes more clear.

If you are interested in finding out more, please reach out and shoot me an email.   Or you can hearing from my mentors, by checking out this link.


Steve Floyd

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.