How To Get 1000 Followers On TikTok Today

How To Get Your First 1000 TikTok Followers
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Are you still chasing your first 1000 Followers on TikTok?  Perhaps you have heard about the hype surrounding one of the most downloaded apps – and you wanted to tap into the TikTok growth.

But like most people, you haven’t hit that sweet spot yet and are still struggling to get your TikTok follower numbers up.

Perhaps you have an Online Business or Affiliate Marketing business and want to use TikTok to drive more traffic to your sales funnels?

Well to do that you need to get access to a ‘clickable link’ in your TikTok bio.  And to do that you need to get your first 1,000 followers!

If you are trying to understand how you can leverage TikTok for Affiliate Marketing then check this out.

Today we will go through some simple steps to put you on the right path to increasing your follower numbers.   Not only that, if you follow the concepts and steps below you will be able to rapidly grow your following and tap into some amazing TikTok growth.

You can also check out one of my channels for ideas; @freedomfloyd

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.

Why Do You Need 1000 TikTok Followers?

The real reason why you need 1,000 TikTok followers is simply to get the clickable link in your profile page (also known as your bio) – that’s it!

So the only people who really need to have a 1,000 followers are those that are planning to monetise their TikTok account.  Specifically, if you are trying to drive traffic to a sales funnel of some kind, then it is almost a must to have a link in your TikTok bio.

Funny Cat Dancing

But if you are planning on simply jumping on, shooting your awesome dance moves (or showing the crazy things your cat does), then you probably don’t care.

The funny thing is, these types of crazy videos are the ones that are likely to go viral and attract followers anyway.  It is the more ‘business’ related accounts that will struggle with the right content (at least at first).

So if you are into Affiliate Marketing, e-commerce or some other form of Online Business, and you want to make full use of the TikTok features, then you will want 1,000 followers as quickly as possible.

TikTok Account Type – Business Vs Creator

Firstly let’s look at the type of TikTok account a business may want to use.

At the time of writing this there are two main account types that a business may want to look at;

  • Business Account
  • Creator Account

And there are subtle but important differences between them.

The Business account has the ability to put a clickable link in the bio straight away, which is cool.  But TikTok has limited the type of music and sounds that can be used in a business account – which is not so cool.

Given the platform is looking for trending music and sounds it can make it difficult to create trending content if you use a Business account (more on that in a moment).

The Creator account has the ability to access all the trending sounds and music etc.  But you can’t add a clickable link to your bio until you have 1,000 followers.  

Swapping Account Types

1000 Followers on TikTok

Now you can swap between accounts at any moment.  So you could change your account to Creator, create the TikTok with a trending sound, then swap back to a Business account with the clickable link.

This will become a real pain given how many TikToks you will need to be creating each day.  

And it also appears that TikTok doesn’t like this and will slow down the views on your account overall.  Again, while there is no hard evidence of this, there are quite a few creators who have commented on this happening.

So for me, the easiest way is to start with a Creator account and get used to creating the content you want with the tools available.  Then just focus on great content to build out your first 1,000 followers.

Adding a Non-Clickable Text Link

Note that you can still enter a text link in your bio, that someone can copy and paste into their browser.  I used Bitly to create a simple url, to save the characters in my bio to start.

Don’t dismiss this – if your Call To Action is strong enough in your TikToks people will seek this out and use it.

Understanding the TikTok Platform

Like all social media platforms they all have their idiosyncrasies and wacky ways of doing things.  While we may think we can ‘game’ the system and manipulate the results – we really can’t.

It is always best to simply accept the strange and get on with creating good content.  You can find out more about the TikTok platform here.

Understanding the TikTok Platform

But for now there are some simple things to be aware of;

  • TikTok is an entertainment platform – so make your content entertaining!
  • It is a business – so it wants/needs people to stay on the app.
  • It is built of trending content – trending sounds, music and repetitive dance moves.

TikTok will reward content that meets these trends and helps it achieve its own goals.  So keep this in mind!

Optimise Your Bio

One of the first things you need to do is enter your account’s bio details.  This is like the ‘profile page’ on other platforms.  

It is the main interface to your audience to give them some insight as to who you are and what you’re all about.  So make sure you inject some of the ‘real you’ into your description!

It’s also where you want them to come to get them to follow you and jump into your sales funnel.

So here are the three key points you need to cover;

FreedomFloyd TikTok Bio
Example TikTok Bio
  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why should they follow you!

And you only have 80 characters to do it in!

But these three points are super important to give your audience a sense of who you are and how you can help them.  After-all, that is what you are there for as a business – help them overcome and solve some problem.

Using emojis can help here to catch people’s attention and convey your message.  But know that they can use two characters of your 80 – so use them wisely.

And until you have your 1,000 followers, you may want to put a text link to your webpage or sales funnel in your bio – but again this uses space.  I’d recommended using a service like Bitly to shorten your link and save characters.

Have a look at what others are doing in your space to get ideas.  And don’t be scared to try a couple of things out and see what works.  I changed both my channel name and bio a couple of times until I was happy!

What Makes a ‘Viral’ TikTok?

This is a whole topic in itself, and you can read more about what makes a viral tiktok here.

But for now it’s important to have some idea of what may make your TikTok go viral.  This will help you build your audience and followers faster.

There are three key things to keep in mind with your content;

  • Watch-time:  The length of time people watch your videos is critical.  
  • Engagement:  Are people taking the time to comment on your TikToks?  
  • Share:  Whether people are sharing your content or not.  

The Basics to Grow Your TikTok Followers

Ok, let’s cover some simple basic steps that you will need to focus on, to get you going.  These are the minimum things you need to be doing to build that 1,000 followers in the shortest time.

You Need to Post a Minimum of 5 Times per Day

Yes, you will need to be posting a minimum of 5 TikToks per day to get going.

This might sound like a lot, but it is necessary to get things moving.  It will let TikTok know what your content is about and the best audience to show it to.

Remember that not all of your TikToks will get the views you want.  It is often very hit and miss – and can be immensely frustrating!  So the more videos you make, the more chance you have of going viral, gaining views and followers.

And the more videos you make that better and faster you become at cranking them out.

There also appears to be a momentum that needs to be built.  I found that only 1 TikTok per day was not enough to get started – particularly with recent algorithm changes.

Don’t Post Back-to-Back

Dumping a pile of content into TikTok back-to-back appears to slow things down.  So don’t create your videos and simply post them all at once.

For each TikTok there is a process the platform goes through to test;

  • How good is the content?
  • Are people watching and engaging with it?
  • What is the best audience to show it to?

So each TikTok needs time to ‘breath’ and settle in before the next one is dropped.  

The platform will also only show one of your videos on the For You Page at a time.  So dropping multiple TikToks at once will not work as well.

Allow around 45-60 mins between posting.

Simply Get a Number of TikToks Done

What I mean here is you need to simply have a number of TikToks in your account.  This is for a couple of reason;

  • When someone goes to your account page it is good for them to see it filled with content.  Shows that it is not a brand new account and they are more likely to follow you.
  • Helps the algorithm know what your channel is about and who is the best audience for you.  The better the audience ‘match’ the more views you will get and the more people that will follow.

Engage Your Audience

Engagement is a key metric that the platform is looking for – so the more you can engage with your audience the better. 

This means responding to comments, and encouraging discussion.  

A great way to do this is to create a video response to a comment or question – which is super easy to do right in the app.  The person who left the comment is notified to come back and watch it – and it adds another video to your content list!

But overall, remember to review your comments and provide a response even if it is just typed.  Ask questions and try to solicit more responses to keep the conversation going!

Batch Your TikTok Videos

Yes, producing 5 TikToks every day can be tough.  I’d suggest creating a list of content that you want to create (see below for ideas), then shooting as much as possible in one batch.

This way you can create a bunch of TikToks on say Monday morning, then release them over the next day or two.  You simply save them to drafts once they are done, then hit publish when you’re ready to release them (leaving a min of 45 mins between publishing).

If you want more details on this then check out my video below.

Types of TikToks To Create

The first rule of content on TikTok is to make it entertaining in some way.  That doesn’t mean it has to always be funny, but it needs to stimulate some level of emotion.

Here are some ideas to get you started;

  • Informative/Educational:  This is probably the easiest one especially if you have a niche or product you are looking to promote.  Just remember to make it interesting – just like that favourite teacher in high school who turned a boring subject into something cool.
  • Controversial:  These can be great as they stimulate conversation and comments.  You can use current news topics to comment on.  Just be careful not to alienate the very audience you may want to sell something to.
  • Viral Trends:  Copy what is actually trending, but put your spin on it.  Is there a sound, or a dance move that is trending?  Can you copy it, and include your business/marketing message?
  • Your Story:  People do want to know who you are and what your background is.  Especially those who you are targeting to promote stuff too – this will help build that know like and trust factor.
  • Duets/Stitching:  These will become your friend and is a great way to leverage existing viral content with your own message.
  • Dance/Lip Sync:  And yes there is the standard TikTok content you can create – if you’re into that…

For more ideas on content and to find out what is trending I’d suggest checking out these channels;

If you want a great example of quirky, and taking boring subjects and making them interesting then check out Dr Karl’s channel @drkarl.

And of course simply spending time on the platform and getting a feel for what videos are being posted and watched most.

Finding Your Audience

One of the absolute key things is to find your audience.  This is the same with any platform, you need to find the audience that is right for you, and will resonate with your content.

This is so important, and is something that most Affiliate Marketers overlook.  Often, we try to trick the algorithm to show our content to a broader audience, but this can actually have a negative effect.

Finding the Right Audience

Yes, it is possible to create a TikTok that goes viral.  You can simply copy the latest dance trend, or post something controversial that attracts lots of comments.

Here’s the thing.  Let’s say you want to promote a particular product on your channel.  That product will be most relevant to a certain audience – your target market.

But to game the system you have run a few videos with the sole purpose of going viral.  This gets you lots of likes and lots of followers.  Now these new followers are most likely NOT your target audience.

So when you make content that is related to your products they bomb!  

No one views your video, no one checks your bio or clicks your link, and therefore NO SALES!

The algorithm shows your product related TikToks to this new audience, who swipe straight past as that’s not what they’re interested in.  This indicates that the posts are low quality and they get dropped.

So be very careful to always keep your target market in mind.  It is far better to create quality content, and focus on your ideal audience.  It may be a little slower to start, but it will increase your success in the future.

Building Your Content List

Knowing what to post can become crippling, especially when you are trying to post at least 5 times a day!

So here are some ideas to get you started.  

  • Find the top 10-20 creators that are in your space (yes they may be competitors).  Follow them and watch what they are doing.
  • Check out their previous TikToks, which will tell you how many views each one received (amazing that this level of detail is right there in the app).
  • Pick the top 15-20 videos per creator.
  • Aim to build a list of 300 video ideas that you can model.

This should give you around 2 months of content ideas to crack on with.  There is nothing worse than sitting down to create some TikToks and having no idea where to start!

Remember that no one likes a copy-cat like TikTok.  So use this to your advantage.  To be successful on most other platforms you really need to be creating quality, fresh content.  But here on TikTok you can leverage the trends and model what is already working.

No, I am not suggesting you copy anyone’s work, but you can model it, with your spin and unique message.

Final Tips…

Ok, I hope that helps and gives you plenty of ideas to get started.  I’m sure if you follow the ideas above you will not only have your first 1,000 followers on TikTok, but be filling up that sales funnel with great leads!

Just to finish off, here are some final tips;

  • Many people watch without sound turned on – so include a text hook on the first screen.
  • For the same reason, captions can help increase watch time.
  • Model what others are doing and ride the trends!
  • Keep smashing out 5 TikToks per day – at least for the first month!
  • Engage with your audience whenever you can – and use video replies.
  • Don’t delete your old videos (even the ones that bomb).  The TikTok algorithm doesn’t like it!

And most importantly HAVE FUN!  

As with all marketing, there will be ups and downs, and there will be times that things just don’t make sense.  But quality content over a consistent time will always win!

And if you are trying to understand how you can leverage TikTok for Affiliate Marketing then your should definitely check this out.


Steve Floyd

Live The Laptop Lifestyle...

Affiliate Marketing can provide the freedom to open up a world of lifestyle choice.  It doesn’t require huge money to start, and can be done in your spare time, around your existing job.